Comic Con Liverpool 2023

Tuesday 31 October 2023

Comic Con Liverpool is Monopoly's flagship event and the biggest of the year thanks to the inclusion of some incredible A-List guests and the cosplay championships, where the winners of every other convention of the year, all compete for the top prize. This was definitely the biggest convention I've attended in recent years and would rival MCM in size but it's definitely obvious where Monopoly invests it's resources as Comic Con Liverpool was as flawlessly run with 40,000 attendees as Comic Con Northeast was with a fifth of that attendance.

I only attended on the Saturday and I had early entry and by the time I got to the venue at around 10am, there was no queue to get in, I breezed through bag search and was in within five minutes. The early tickets clearly hadn't been oversold as I managed to walk through the trader hall and browse leisurely until 12:30 when the rest of the Saturday ticket holders got in. At that point you couldn't get moved, but we moved over to the other venue where the prop photos were and spent some time taking photos. Having the second venue definitely helped you flee the crowds and I was able to get all the photos I wanted. 

As you can see from my prop photos, I'm a huge fan of the Cornetto trilogy and my main reason for attending was because Simon Pegg had been announced. I already met Nick Frost earlier this year at Comic Con Northeast, but I couldn't resist getting the duo together and it definitely resulted in my favourite comic con encounter of all time.

I met Simon Pegg first and he was lovely, really making time for everyone. You had to prebook a time slot for Simon and the duo with Nick, I had the last booking so it was incredibly relaxed, there was maybe forty of us so no rush to get everyone through, which was ideal for a guest I was as excited about as Simon, then came the duo shoot.

These were definitely a bit more rushed because Nick and Simon were clearly having too much fun together but I got a hug off of both of them, Nick is hands down the best hugger in the world, and Simon tripped me up and was very apologetic about it. Nick was also a huge fan of my t-shirt and even though I'd only paid for one photo, he asked the photographer if we could do 'a silly one' and I don't think anyone was going to argue. 

Nick dubbed me Spider-Boobs and I got this incredible photo op as well as a great memory for free. When I bought this t-shirt for Halloween I certainly wasn't planning on this but it was £20 well spent and I'm so glad I made the trip to Liverpool when I wasn't originally planning on going. 

There's no doubt that Liverpool is Monopoly's best event of the year and while I still have For The Love Of Horror next month, I'm pretty sure nothing will top meeting Simon Pegg and Nick Frost together. If you want to attend a Monopoly Events comic con for yourself you can find out more information here

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